Creating anonymous posts on Facebook groups allows members to share thoughts or seek advice without revealing their identity, fostering a safe space for sensitive or personal discussions.

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Groups

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  1. Ensure Group Allows Anonymous Posting:
    • Not all Facebook groups allow anonymous posts. Group admins control this feature in group settings.
    • Check if the group allows anonymous posting by looking for the option in the group’s description or asking group admins.
  2. Select the Group:
    • Open the Facebook app and navigate to the group where you want to post anonymously.
    • Tap the group’s name to enter its main page.
  3. Create an Anonymous Post:
    • Within the group, tap the ‘pencil icon’ or ‘post’ section.
    • Look for an option that says ‘Post Anonymously’. This might appear as ‘tap anonymous post’ or a toggle for anonymous posting.
    • If the option is available, select it. Your profile picture and name won’t be displayed with the post.
  4. Write and Submit Your Post:
    • Write your post as you would a normal post.
    • Once you’re ready, click ‘submit’ or ‘post’. Your post will appear without your name or profile photo.
  5. Post Approval:
    • In some groups, especially private groups, anonymous posts go to a pending posts section for admin or moderator approval.
    • The group admin and moderators will see your identity but other members will not.
  6. Interacting with Anonymous Posts:
    • Members can comment and interact with your anonymous post just like any other post in the group.

Why Post Anonymously on Facebook Groups

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Privacy Concerns

Sometimes, group members may want to share sensitive information or seek advice on personal matters without revealing their identity.

Sensitive Topics

For discussions on topics like mental health or personal issues, anonymous posts work to protect the poster’s privacy.


It provides a sense of safety, especially in private Facebook groups, allowing members to express themselves freely without the fear of judgment or backlash.

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Remember, even while posting anonymously, it’s important to adhere to the group’s community standards and respect the norms of the group.

Anonymous posting is a tool to ensure privacy and safety while maintaining the integrity of group interactions.

How to Publish Anonymous Post on Facebook Event

Currently, Facebook does not offer the option to post anonymously on Facebook events.

Anonymous posting is primarily available in Facebook groups where group admins enable anonymous posting settings.

In events, all posts are linked to your profile and visible to other participants.

Alternatives to Anonymous Posts

Create a Secondary Facebook Account

Creating a secondary Facebook account with limited personal information can be an alternative for anonymous interactions.

Use this account to post in events or groups while keeping your identity private. Ensure this account adheres to Facebook’s community standards.

Utilize a Private Facebook Group

For sensitive discussions, consider creating or joining a private Facebook group.

In these groups, group admins can enable anonymous posting, allowing members to share thoughts without revealing their identity to other group participants.

Or ask group moderators to do so.

Ask a Group Admin to Post on Your Behalf

In scenarios where you need anonymity, reach out to a group admin or moderator to post on your behalf.

This method ensures your identity remains concealed while allowing your message to be shared within the group.

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Use Anonymous Question Features

Some Facebook groups use anonymous question features, where members can submit questions anonymously, and these are posted by the admins.

It’s a safe way to ask sensitive questions while maintaining privacy.


In conclusion, the ability to tap ‘create anonymous post’ on Facebook brings a unique dimension to online interactions, particularly within private group settings. By clicking ‘create anonymous post’, members can submit anonymous posts, allowing them to share thoughts or seek advice while preserving their privacy when they pop up posts anonymously on Facebook. Anonymous Facebook post is nothing wrong!

This feature, while limited to specific scenarios like private Facebook groups, offers a way for users to post anonymously, ensuring they can express themselves freely without revealing their identity as an anonymous member. It’s a valuable tool to keep groups safe and foster open discussions. However, it’s important to use this feature responsibly, ensuring that all comments and interactions remain respectful and in line with community standards.

he option to remain anonymous while being able to toggle people’s visibility of your posts adds a layer of security and comfort for those who wish to share sensitive information or opinions without public scrutiny.

FAQ on How to post anonymously on Facebook

Why can’t I post anonymously on Facebook?

Facebook currently doesn’t allow individual users to post anonymously on their own timeline or public groups. This feature is designed to maintain transparency and accountability in interactions. However, some private groups may enable anonymous posting for group members.

How do I post anonymously on Facebook from my iPhone?

To post anonymously on Facebook from an iPhone, go to a group where anonymous posting is enabled. Tap on ‘create post’, then look for the option to ‘create anonymous post’ or ‘select anonymous posting’. If available, tap it to compose and submit your post anonymously.

Can you find out who posted anonymously on Facebook?

No, it’s not possible to find out who posted anonymously on Facebook. This feature is designed to protect the identity of the group participant. Group admins and moderators can see who submitted anonymous posts, but this information remains confidential to protect anonymity.

How do you post as a group member on Facebook?

To post as a group member on Facebook, go to the group where you want to post, tap ‘create post’ or the pencil icon on the left side. Compose your post and tap ‘save’ or ‘post’. Your post will appear as a group participant with your profile visible to others. Just click create anonymous post on your own post to toggle people anonymously in a Facebook group.