Pinning comments on TikTok can significantly enhance your interaction with your audience and highlight the best reactions your content receives. This feature allows you to showcase positive feedback, witty replies, or any comment you find valuable right at the top of the comments section. But how exactly do you pin a comment on TikTok? In this guide, we’ll walk you through three effective methods to pin comments on your TikTok videos, ensuring that your favorite responses get the attention they deserve.

How to Pin a Comment on Tiktok [3 Methods]

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Method 1: Using the Comment Section

  1. Open the TikTok app and navigate to the video where you want to pin a comment.
  2. Tap on the comment section to view all the comments on your video.
  3. Find the desired comment you wish to pin. If it’s a comment on TikTok that stands out to you, long press on it.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with several options. Tap “Pin Comment.”
  5. The comment will now be pinned to the top of your comments section, marked as a “Pinned Comment.”

Method 2: Through the Three Dotted Bubble

  1. While viewing the comments on your TikTok video, look for the three dots (more options) next to the comment you want to pin.
  2. Tap on the three dots to see more options.
  3. Select “Pin Comment” from the list.
  4. Your selected comment will now be pinned to the top of the comments section, easily visible to all viewers.

Method 3: On a Live Video

  1. During a TikTok Live session, keep an eye on the comments as they appear.
  2. When you see a comment you’d like to pin, tap on it. This might be a positive comment or constructive criticism.
  3. Choose the “Pin Comment” option from the pop-up.
  4. This comment will stay pinned at the top of the comments section for the duration of your live video, making it visible to all participants.

Why Should You Pin Comments on TikTok

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Enhance Viewer Engagement

Pinning comments on TikTok can significantly increase viewer engagement. By highlighting a funny comment or a positive comment, you invite more viewers to participate in the conversation.

This interaction not only boosts the overall tone of your comment section but also encourages more users to share their thoughts, knowing they might get featured as a pinned comment.

Highlight Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is invaluable, and pinning such comments showcases the positive interactions and acknowledgments from your followers. T

his strategy can help set a constructive and encouraging atmosphere in your comment sections, influencing others to leave more positive and supportive comments.

Manage Negative Comments

The ability to pin comments gives you control over the narrative in your comments section. By choosing to pin positive or humorous responses, you can diminish the visibility of negative comments or hate speech.

This doesn’t mean ignoring criticism but rather choosing to acknowledge criticism gracefully and manage comments in a way that promotes a healthy dialogue.

Encourage Constructive Criticism

Pinning comments isn’t just about showcasing praise. It’s also an opportunity to highlight constructive criticism, demonstrating that you value feedback and are open to growth.

This openness can foster a more respectful and insightful interaction within your TikTok comments, encouraging viewers to offer meaningful suggestions rather than resorting to spam or irrelevant remarks.

Filter Out Inappropriate Comments

Using comment filters and the pin feature together can help you maintain a clean and respectful comment section. By pinning appropriate comments and filtering out spam or inappropriate comments, you ensure that the discussion remains relevant and enjoyable for everyone.

This approach helps in maintaining the quality of interaction on your TikTok videos.

Showcase Follower Interaction

Lastly, pinning comments can serve as a powerful tool to showcase and credit your followers for their witty, insightful, or supportive comments.

This not only rewards active followers but also motivates others to engage more with your content. Pinning comments from your followers can strengthen your community on TikTok, making your followers feel valued and appreciated.

Pinning comments on TikTok is a simple yet effective feature that can enhance your interaction with viewers, manage your comments section more effectively, and create a positive atmosphere around your content.

Whether it’s to highlight positive feedback, manage the conversation, or simply share a laugh, understanding how to pin comments on TikTok is an essential skill for creators looking to engage more deeply with their audience.

When Not To Pin Comment on TikTok

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When the Comment Does Not Reflect the Video’s Message

Avoid pinning comments that do not align with the overall message or tone of your TikTok video. Pinning such comments can confuse viewers about the intended message, potentially diluting the impact of your content. Focus on comments that complement or enhance the understanding of your video.

When a Comment Contains Misinformation

Do not pin comments that spread misinformation or false facts, even if they seem positive or supportive. Pinning misleading comments can inadvertently endorse incorrect information, damaging your credibility and the trust of your followers.

Always verify the accuracy of a comment before deciding to pin it.

When the Comment is Overly Promotional

Resist pinning comments that are overly promotional or resemble spam, especially if they promote services, products, or pages unrelated to the content of your TikTok video.

Such comments can detract from the genuine engagement of your post and annoy your followers.

When It’s a Negative or Hurtful Comment

Avoid pinning negative or hurtful comments, even if your intention is to address criticism or trolls.

Pinning such comments can highlight negativity and potentially encourage more unwanted comments. Focus on maintaining a positive space by pinning constructive criticism or positive feedback.

When the Comment Is Irrelevant to the Majority of Your Audience

Comments that are highly specific or only relevant to a small portion of your audience might not be the best choice to pin. Pinning comments that speak to the wider audience or contribute to the general discussion can be more beneficial for engagement and inclusivity.

When You Have Already Pinned a More Relevant Comment

If you have already pinned a comment that is highly relevant and engaging, consider carefully before replacing it with a new one. Constantly changing pinned comments can confuse viewers and dilute the focus of the comments section. Aim for stability unless a new comment significantly adds to the conversation.

When to Delete Comments on TikTok

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When the Comment Includes Hate Speech or Bullying

Delete comments that contain hate speech, bullying, or any form of harassment. Such comments create a hostile environment for your audience and can detract from the positive community you aim to build on your TikTok account.

When a Comment Spreads Misinformation

Comments spreading false information or conspiracy theories should be removed to prevent the spread of misinformation. This is crucial in maintaining a space where information is reliable and viewers feel informed and safe.

When the Comment Is Overly Promotional or Spammy

Remove comments that are clearly spam or overly promotional, especially those not related to the content of your TikTok video. These comments can clutter your feed and detract from meaningful engagement with your viewers.

When It Contains Personal Information

Comments that include personal information, whether it’s about you, the commenter, or someone else, should be deleted to protect privacy. Sharing personal information can pose security risks and violate TikTok’s community guidelines.

When the Comment Is Off-topic and Adds No Value

Off-topic comments that do not contribute to the discussion or are irrelevant to the content of the video should be removed to keep the conversation focused and meaningful for your viewers.

When It Violates TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Any comment that clearly violates TikTok’s community guidelines, such as those promoting dangerous activities or containing explicit content, should be deleted immediately to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users.

How to turn on comment filters for your TikTok videos

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Turning on comment filters for your TikTok videos is a proactive way to manage and improve the quality of interactions on your content.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up comment filters effectively:

  1. Open the TikTok App: Start by launching the TikTok app on your Android device or any other smartphone.
  2. Go to Your Profile: Tap on the “Me” icon located in the bottom tab to access your TikTok account page.
  3. Access Settings and Privacy: Press the three dots in the top right corner to open the settings and privacy menu.
  4. Select Privacy: In the settings menu, look for the “Privacy” option and tap on it to open the privacy settings.
  5. Tap on Comments: Scroll down to find the “Comments” section. This is where you can manage settings related to your TikTok comments.
  6. Choose Comment Filters: In the comments section, you will see an option for “Filter Comments.” Tap on this to access the comment filter settings.
  7. Enable Comment Filters: You can now turn on the filter options that TikTok provides. These include filtering spam and offensive comments, filtering comments based on keywords, and allowing comments only from your followers.
  8. Customize Your Filters: For more personalized control, you can add specific keywords under “Filter keywords” to block such comments from appearing on your posts. This is especially useful for avoiding hate speech, spam, or any content that doesn’t contribute to constructive criticism.
  9. Save Your Settings: After setting up your filters as desired, make sure to save your changes. TikTok will now automatically filter comments based on your preferences, helping maintain the overall tone of your comment section.
  10. Review Filtered Comments: Remember, you can review filtered comments and unpin comments or replace a pinned comment if necessary. This ensures that only the most relevant and positive interactions are highlighted on your videos.

By following these steps, creators can significantly enhance the quality of interactions on their videos, ensuring that the comments section remains a space for positive and constructive engagement.

This feature is particularly beneficial for many creators who wish to maintain a healthy and respectful community around their content on TikTok.

How to Check a Pinned Comment on Other Accounts

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To check a pinned comment on other accounts, simply visit the TikTok profile of the user, select a video, and look at the top of the comments section. The first comment you see, usually highlighted or marked differently, is the pinned comment.

This feature allows creators to showcase specific comments to their audience for various reasons, such as highlighting positive feedback or addressing frequently asked questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Pinned comments are used by creators to highlight specific comments to their audience.
  • Only one comment can be pinned at a time per video, emphasizing its importance.
  • Viewers can see pinned comments at the top of the comments section for easy access.
  • Creators can pin someone else’s comment or their own to direct the conversation.
  • Unpinning comments is an option available to creators if they wish to replace it.
  • The process of pinning and unpinning comments is simple and accessible on all devices, including Android.
  • Pinned comments can serve several purposes, from answering common questions to showcasing viewer engagement.
  • The ability to pin comments is exclusive to content creators on the TikTok platform.
  • The feature enhances viewer interaction by drawing attention to favorite comments or specific points.
  • Creators often use pinned comments to manage and filter the dialogue on their posts effectively.


Checking pinned comments on other accounts offers insights into how creators engage with their audience, highlight specific feedback, or direct the conversation on their content. This feature is a powerful tool for enhancing communication between TikTok users, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience on the platform.


Why can’t I pin a comment on TikTok?

You might not be able to pin a comment on TikTok if you’re not the creator of the post or if the feature is not available due to app restrictions. Ensure your app is updated and remember, only creators can pin comments.

How do you pin a comment to the top on TikTok?

To pin a comment to the top on TikTok, long-press the desired comment under your post and select “Pin Comment” from the options. This will make it a pinned comment, visible at the top of the comments section.

Can you put a pin on TikTok?

Yes, you can put a pin on TikTok comments. As a creator, you have the ability to pin a comment on your videos, highlighting it for all users to see. This is done by selecting a comment and choosing to pin it.

How do I pin comments on TikTok 2023?

To pin comments on TikTok in 2023, tap and hold the comment you wish to pin until the option to pin appears, then select it. This will elevate the comment to a pinned position, making it the first comment viewers see.

How do you pin in TikTok?

Pinning in TikTok involves selecting a comment from your video’s comments section and choosing the pin option. This action pins the comment, allowing it to be prominently displayed for viewers.

How do you pin a comment on TikTok IOS?

On TikTok IOS, pin a comment by finding the comment you wish to highlight, long-pressing it, and choosing the “Pin Comment” option. This will secure the comment at the top of your post’s comments section, making it an unpinned comment if it replaces another.