Discovering who has shared your Facebook post can feel like unraveling a digital mystery. End of the day, how to know who shared your post on Facebook?

Whether it’s a public post buzzing with activity, or a more personal article shared among Facebook friends, the intrigue is the same. You notice the increasing number of shares beneath your post’s photo and profile picture, the comments growing, and you’re curious.

Who are these people sharing your content? Are they friends, followers, or strangers? With a mix of visible cues and hidden settings, like the three dots in the left corner or a blocked person’s obscured activities, the quest to uncover this information begins.

How to Know Who Shared Your Post on Facebook [10 methods]

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1. Checking Facebook Notifications for Facebook Posts

To discover how to know who shared your post on Facebook, start by examining your Facebook notifications. Whenever someone shares your Facebook post, you typically receive a notification. Click the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook website or app to view all the notifications.

If a friend shared your post, it would appear here. However, remember that this method depends on a person’s privacy settings, and not all shares may be visible.

2. Viewing the Original Facebook Post

On the original post on Facebook, you can see how many people have shared it. Look for the number of shares displayed near the comment and like options.

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By clicking on this number, Facebook often displays a list of people who have shared the post. This method is particularly useful for tracking shares of a specific post on your Facebook timeline, although it’s subject to individual privacy settings.

3. Searching Through Facebook

Utilize the search bar on Facebook to find who shared your Facebook post. Type the title or key content of your post, press enter, and filter the results to show ‘Posts’.

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This can reveal public posts and those within your network, allowing you to see if someone shared your post. However, the effectiveness of this method depends on the uniqueness of your post’s content and the privacy settings of the shares.

4. Exploring Friend’s Timelines

If you suspect a specific friend has shared your post, visit their Facebook timeline. Navigate to their profile, then scroll through their timeline or click on “Posts” from the left hand side. Look for your shared post among their other posts.

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This method is more targeted but time-consuming and relies on the friend’s timeline being public or accessible to you. Then, you can use the CFBR method on their posts.

5. Using Third-Party Tools

While not officially endorsed by Facebook, some third-party tools claim to help you see who shared your Facebook posts. Be cautious as these tools often require access to your Facebook account and may not align with Facebook’s privacy policies.

They might provide a broader view of who shared your post, but the accuracy and safety of these tools can vary.

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Each of these methods offers a way to see who shared your Facebook post, but keep in mind that due to privacy settings, you may not always get a complete picture.

6. Reviewing the Shares Section on Your Facebook Page

If you manage a Facebook page, you can see who shared your post directly from the page. Navigate to the post in question on your Facebook page. Below the post, Facebook offers a ‘shares’ count.

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Clicking on this count will often show a list of people or other pages that have shared the post. This method is effective for public posts but may not display shares from private accounts.

7. Monitoring the Activity Log

Your Facebook Activity Log is a comprehensive record of your activities, including the shares of your posts. To access it, go to your Facebook profile, click on the account button in the top right corner, and select ‘Activity Log.’

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Here, you can filter the activities to ‘Your Posts‘ and look for entries marked as ‘shared.’ This can include shares of your older posts and is helpful for a historical overview.

8. Utilizing the Facebook App’s Notification Feature

On the Facebook app, regularly check your notifications section. When someone shares your post, Facebook typically sends a notification, sometimes even specifying the person’s name.

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To check, tap the bell icon in the top right corner of the app. This method is particularly useful for recent activities, as it shows notifications from just a few hours ago, making it easier to track recent shares.

9. Exploring the Share Button Details

On the Facebook app or browser, each post has a share button, often accompanied by the number of times it has been shared. By clicking on this button or the share count, you may be able to see a list of people who shared the post, especially if the post is public.

This method allows you to see at a glance all the people who have shared your post, although it’s limited by privacy settings.

10. Using the Search Function in the Facebook Browser Version

On your computer, using the Facebook website in a browser, use the Facebook search bar to look for shares. Type in keywords from your original post, and filter the search results to show ‘posts.’

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This method can unearth shares from your friends or public posts that might not appear in your notifications or timeline. It’s a more proactive approach but can be quite effective, especially for finding shares of popular or viral content. Instructions apply to people shared photos.


When someone shares your post on Facebook who can see it?

The visibility of a shared post on Facebook depends on the sharer’s privacy settings. If they share a public post, more people, including those not on their friends list, can see it. However, if their profile is private, only their friends or selected audience can view the shared content.

Why can’t I see a post I shared on Facebook?

If you can’t see a post you shared on Facebook, it might be due to privacy settings of the original post, technical issues, or it may have been deleted. Check your timeline and ensure your browser or app is updated. If the issue persists, review your account’s settings and perform log management.

Does Facebook show who I shared with?

Facebook does not explicitly show who you shared a post with. When you share a post, it appears on your timeline or in your friends’ news feeds based on your privacy settings. However, Facebook’s privacy settings don’t allow you to see a detailed list of who viewed or received the shared post.

How did someone know that I have shared a post only to him on Facebook?

If someone knows you’ve shared a post only with them on Facebook, it’s likely because of the privacy settings you chose while sharing. If you select a specific person or a custom list of people when sharing a post, those included can infer that the content is shared exclusively with them.