Instagram Reels have become a pivotal feature for engaging content on the platform, offering a dynamic way to share short, captivating videos. Understanding the best time to post reels on Instagram can significantly enhance your visibility and engagement. Read our article to find our more about best time to post reels on Instagram.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short-form video content that allows users to create and share 15 to 30-second clips with their followers or a global audience. This feature has become a cornerstone for creativity and engagement on the platform.

Benefits of Instagram Reels

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Maximize Audience Engagement

By posting Instagram Reels at the best time, you tap into peak hours when your target audience is most active online.

This strategic timing boosts your chances of higher engagement rates, making your content more likely to be seen and interacted with by a wider audience.

Enhance Visibility on the Platform

Instagram favors engaging content, and posting reels can increase your visibility.

Utilizing insights to schedule Instagram Reels during optimal times ensures your content reaches more users, contributing to the growth of your Instagram account.

Drive More Engagement Compared to Traditional Posts

Reels often receive more engagement than standard Instagram posts or stories.

By focusing on high-quality reels and posting them when your audience is most receptive, you can significantly increase interactions on your business account or personal account.

Leverage Instagram’s Algorithm for Greater Reach

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes content with high engagement, including reels.

Posting reels at the best time, using relevant hashtags, and understanding your audience’s habits can help your content get recommended to a broader audience, including those not yet following you.

Gain Insightful Feedback and Audience Insights

Posting reels allows you to access valuable analytics through Instagram Insights.

This data helps refine your posting schedule and content strategy, ensuring you consistently post Instagram Reels that resonate with your audience demographics and maximize engagement.

What is Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram?

When it comes to maximizing engagement on Instagram Reels, timing isn’t just a factor—it’s a strategy.

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Leveraging data from Instagram Insights and industry studies can help pinpoint the best time to post reels on Instagram, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience when they’re most active and engaged.

Analyzing Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights offers a goldmine of data directly from your audience’s habits. For business and creator accounts, this tool reveals not just who your followers are but when they’re online.

Data suggests that posting during early morning hours (6-8 AM) and evening peaks (7-9 PM) in your audience’s time zone can lead to higher engagement rates. These times coincide with common daily routines, catching users as they start their day or unwind in the evening.

Industry Benchmarks and Studies

According to a comprehensive study by Influencer Marketing Hub, which analyzed millions of posts, the best times to post on Instagram across the board are 11 AM on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, this can vary widely depending on your specific target audience and their unique behaviors. For instance, younger audiences, such as Gen Z, might be more active online during late-night hours, while a more professional demographic could be browsing during lunch breaks or early evening.

Tailoring to Your Audience

The key to finding your optimal posting time is understanding your specific audience demographics. Instagram users span a wide range of age groups, lifestyles, and time zones, making it crucial to tailor your posting schedule to match your followers’ online patterns.

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For example, if your analytics tools show that your audience is predominantly active in the late afternoon, schedule your reels to go live during these peak hours to ensure maximum visibility.

The Role of Global Time Zones

For brands and creators with a global audience, navigating multiple time zones becomes a strategic element of your posting schedule. To address this, consider rotating your posting times to cover the peak hours of different regions. This approach ensures that your content has the potential to engage users around the world, maximizing your reach and engagement.

Consistency and Quality: The Winning Combo

While finding the best time to post is crucial, consistency in your posting schedule can also significantly impact your engagement rates. Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts that post regularly, making it important to maintain a steady flow of high-quality content. Pairing a consistent posting routine with strategic timing amplifies your chances of success, making your reels more likely to be seen and engaged with by your target audience.

Best Practices To Post Reels on Instagram

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Understand Your Audience’s Peak Times

To maximize engagement, identify the best time to post reels on Instagram by analyzing when your audience is most active. Access Instagram Insights to track user activity and tailor your posting schedule to these peak times.

This practice ensures your reels have the highest chance of being seen and engaged with by your target audience.

Leverage High-Quality Content

Focus on creating high-quality, compelling content for your Instagram reels. Users are drawn to visually appealing and engaging videos.

Ensure each reel is well-edited, offers value, and aligns with your brand identity. High-quality content is more likely to be shared and saved, increasing your reach on this social media platform.

Consistency is Key

Post reels on Instagram consistently to keep your audience engaged and to signal to Instagram’s algorithm your account’s activity.

Develop a weekly routine that fits your capacity and stick to it, varying your posting times to find what works best. Consistent posting helps maintain a steady engagement rate and grows your follower base over time.

Utilize All Features for Engagement

Enhance your Instagram reels by using all available features like captions, hashtags, and interactive stickers. These features not only make your reels more engaging but also improve discoverability.

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Encourage user interaction by asking questions or using polls, driving more engagement to your Instagram account.

Analyze and Adapt Your Strategy

Regularly review your Instagram reel performance through Instagram Insights. Look at metrics such as engagement rate, play time, and follower growth to understand what content resonates with your audience.

Use this data to refine your content strategy, posting times, and to experiment with new ideas for your reels.

Cross-Promote Across Platforms

Increase the visibility of your Instagram reels by cross-promoting them on other social media platforms and within your Instagram stories.

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This approach helps you reach a broader audience, including those who may not regularly engage with reels. Linking to your reels from other platforms can drive new traffic to your Instagram account.

Engage With Your Community

Engagement is a two-way street. Make an effort to interact with your followers by responding to comments on your reels and engaging with their content.

Building a community around your Instagram account fosters loyalty and encourages users to engage more deeply with your reels, boosting your overall engagement rate.

When NOT to post Instagram Reels

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Avoid Late Night or Very Early Morning Posts

Posting when your instagram audience is likely asleep—very late at night or early in the morning—can lead to lower engagement rates. While it might seem like a good idea to catch early birds or night owls, data often shows these times fall outside the optimal engagement window for most age groups.

Don’t Ignore Your Audience’s Location

Failing to consider the audience’s location can significantly impact your post performance. If your followers are spread across multiple time zones, posting when the majority are inactive can lead to missed engagement opportunities.

Tailor your posting schedules to align with peak activity times in the primary time zones of your audience.

Resist the Urge to Post Sporadically

While experimenting with posting times is beneficial, completely erratic posting schedules can confuse your audience and disrupt engagement patterns.

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Social media marketers recommend establishing a routine that your followers can anticipate, enhancing consistency and fostering a loyal following for your creator account.

Skip Over-Saturating Your Feed

Posting too frequently in a short span can overwhelm your followers and dilute the impact of each reel. Aim for maximum engagement by spacing out your content, allowing each post to breathe and garner attention on its own merit. This strategy helps maintain a balanced and engaging feed for your instagram audience.

Avoid Posting Without Analyzing Past Performance

Jumping into your next reel without reviewing the performance of past posts can lead to repeated mistakes. Utilize analytics tools available in your creator account to assess what works and what doesn’t.

This informed approach ensures your social media strategy remains dynamic and responsive to your audience’s preferences.

Don’t Neglect Content Quality for Quantity

In the pursuit of keeping up with posting schedules, compromising on the quality of post content can be tempting. However, high-quality, engaging content is the cornerstone of instagram engagement.

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Always prioritize the creation of compelling reels that resonate with your audience over merely increasing your total followers by sheer volume.

Overlooking the Importance of Follower Feedback

Ignoring the comments and feedback on your reels can be a missed opportunity for engagement and improvement.

Engaging with your audience through comments not only boosts your engagement rate but also provides valuable insights into your audience’s preferences, helping you refine your content and posting strategy for future reels.

Key Takeaways

  • The best time to post reels on Instagram varies depending on your audience’s time zone and habits.
  • Access Instagram Insights to determine optimal posting times for maximum engagement.
  • Posting reels consistently at these times can significantly increase visibility and engagement rates.
  • High-quality content is crucial for capturing the attention of Instagram users and encouraging shares.
  • The engagement rates of reels can be boosted by tailoring content to the preferences of your target age group.
  • Instagram’s algorithm favors reels posted at times when your audience is most active online.
  • For business accounts managing multiple accounts, it’s essential to adapt posting schedules to each unique audience.
  • Monday mornings might not always be the best times to post, as optimal times vary depending on your follower breakdown.
  • Utilizing the “three horizontal lines” feature in Instagram Insights can help track post performance and refine strategies.
  • Consistently posting high-quality reels on Instagram can lead to more engagement and a stronger connection with your audience.


Understanding the best times to post reels on Instagram is key to maximizing engagement and effectively reaching your target audience.

By leveraging Instagram Insights, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, and focusing on high-quality content, businesses and creators can optimize their social media strategy for better performance.

Tailoring content to meet the preferences of your Instagram audience and adjusting posting times based on analytics will ensure your reels resonate and achieve maximum visibility.

If you publish your post based on the data on business account, your Instagram reel can be more successful. Simply follow the best time to post. Best times to post an Instagram reel can vary, but remember – the quality comes first here!


What is the best time to post reels?

The best time to post reels on Instagram varies by your audience’s time zone; typically, early mornings, lunchtimes, and evenings see higher engagement.

How do you make a reel go viral?

To make a reel go viral, create high-quality content that resonates with your audience, use relevant hashtags, and post during peak engagement times.

How do I get more views on my reels?

Increase views by posting reels at optimal time for your audience, using engaging captions and hashtags, and sharing across other social platforms.

What is the peak time for Instagram?

Peak times on Instagram vary, but generally include late mornings and evenings on weekdays, when users are most active.

When should you post a reel on Instagram?

Post a reel on Instagram when your audience is most active, typically early morning, lunchtime, or evening, based on your specific audience insights.

What is the best time to post reels?

The best time to post reels on Instagram is when your audience is most likely to be online, which can be determined by accessing Instagram insights.

How do you make a reel go viral?

Making a reel go viral involves posting high-quality, engaging content that appeals to your target audience and utilizing strategic hashtags for wider reach.

How do I get more views on my reels?

To get more views, post consistently at times when your audience is most active, and ensure your content is engaging and of high quality.

What is the peak time for Instagram?

Peak time for Instagram typically falls during lunch hours (11 AM to 1 PM) and evenings (7 PM to 9 PM), depending on your audience’s time zone.