TikTok Live offers creators a dynamic platform to connect with their audience in real-time. However, the chat feature, while engaging, can sometimes distract from the content. Whether you’re a creator going live or a viewer, there are several ways to get rid of the chat to ensure a more focused experience on this popular social media platform. Here are five methods to hide chat on TikTok Live, enhancing your interaction with the content.

How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live 

Swipe to Hide Comments

When watching a TikTok live as a viewer and you find the comments distracting, a simple swipe can clear the clutter. By swiping right across the screen, you can hide the chat and comments, allowing for a clearer view of the video without interruption. This method is straightforward and works on both iPhone and Android devices. It’s an easy way to hide comments when watching TikTok live, ensuring the focus remains on the content. Remember, if you want to bring back the comments, swiping in the opposite direction will revert your screen back to its default setting.

Tap and Hold to Clear Display

For those moments when you’re engrossed in a TikTok live stream and wish to remove distractions, tapping and holding on the screen activates the ‘clear display’ button. This feature momentarily hides all comments and live chat, offering a pristine viewing experience. It’s especially useful during high interaction moments when the screen becomes crowded. This method is compatible with the latest version of TikTok as of 2023 and supports both iPhone and Android users (who might need Phone Repairs London for broken devices). To resume viewing comments, simply lift your finger, and the chat window will start to populate again.

Adjust Settings for a Clear Screen

TikTok users have the option to adjust their settings for a more tailored viewing experience. By navigating to the settings menu within the app, you can find options related to the live feature, including the ability to minimize or completely hide comments on live videos. This method requires a bit more digging but offers a more permanent solution for those who frequently find comments to be a distraction. It’s a useful way to customize how you view live streams, ensuring you can focus on the video content.

Use the ‘Live Comments’ Toggle

In the live stream interface, TikTok provides a toggle for live comments. This can be found by tapping the live video, then looking for the comments section or chat section settings. Here, you’ll find an option to hide live comments. This method is particularly handy for viewers who prefer not to see the comments scrolling over the video, offering a clean display. It’s a direct way to manage your viewing preferences on the fly, without permanently altering your app settings.

Fullscreen Mode for Video Immersion

Engaging in fullscreen mode while watching a TikTok live stream is another effective way to hide comments and chat. By tapping the video to enter fullscreen, you can enjoy the content without the distraction of comments and messages. This method is perfect for viewers who want to immerse themselves in the live video, appreciating the creator’s content without any on-screen clutter. Exiting fullscreen mode is just as easy, allowing you to return to the standard view with comments if desired.

When to Hide Comments on TikTok Live

Full-Screen Viewing

When you want to watch your favorite creators without distractions, hiding chat while watching becomes essential. Full-screen mode often doesn’t automatically clear the chat, leading viewers to manually find the ‘clear display’ button. This action ensures that live comments scrolling at the bottom disappear, allowing you to fully immerse in the video. It’s a simple yet effective way to convert your viewing experience into a more cinematic one, focusing solely on the content in the middle of the screen.

Content Focus Sessions

During educational or informative live sessions, clarity is key. Users have reported that hiding the comments helps them concentrate better on the instructions or information being shared. By choosing to clear the chat, you ensure that the screen is free of any prompts or distractions that might appear, making it easier to follow along with the creator’s content. This method is particularly useful when the live involves detailed tutorials or discussions that require undivided attention.

Minimalist Viewing Preference

Some viewers prefer a minimalist approach to content consumption, where the focus is purely on the visual and auditory experience. For these users, finding the live without the constant barrage of comments enhances their enjoyment. The option to go live without the clutter of comments appeals to those seeking a clean, unobstructed view of the screen, especially when the comments do not add value to their viewing experience.

High-Interaction Events

During highly interactive TikTok live events, the chat can become overwhelming, with messages flooding the screen. This is when the option to hide comments becomes invaluable. By hiding the comments, viewers can still enjoy the essence of the live stream—be it a concert, Q&A, or a major announcement—without the frustration of trying to view the content through a sea of text. It helps maintain the excitement of the event while keeping the screen clear.

Privacy and Comfort

For viewers who value privacy or wish to avoid potentially negative or distracting comments, hiding the chat offers a layer of comfort. Whether it’s due to the nature of the content or simply personal preference, the ability to make comments disappear ensures a safer and more comfortable viewing environment. This is particularly important in creating a positive space where viewers can engage with content without concern for unsolicited opinions or spam, enhancing TikTok’s appeal as a platform that can truly make your day.

Key Takeaways on How to Hide Chat on TikTok

  • Utilize the ‘clear display’ button to ensure a distraction-free viewing experience on TikTok Live.
  • You can log into your favorite channel and enjoy content without the clutter of comments.
  • To get rid of the comments, look for the option on the left side of the screen or within the settings.
  • Even if people continue to comment, you can maintain a clear view of the screen by hiding the chat.
  • The share button remains accessible, allowing you to share content without exposing the chat.
  • If comments frustrate you or detract from your viewing pleasure, hiding them is a straightforward solution.
  • The exit button is always available for a quick return to the standard view if you change your mind.
  • Luckily, TikTok provides tools and settings to customize how you view live streams, ensuring a personalized experience.


Navigating TikTok Live streams becomes more enjoyable when you know how to manage the comments. Whether it’s not appearing due to your settings or you’ve actively chosen to hide them, the ability to control the visibility of comments ensures that your focus remains on the content. With these tools at your disposal, every live stream can be tailored to suit your viewing preferences, making each session on the platform a delight.