You know you need to post on social media, but do you actually know when? Timing is not just a detail; it’s a critical component of successful social media engagement. In this guide, we’ll explore the strategic timing for posting on different platforms, helping you to connect with your audience when it matters most. So, what’s the best time to post on social media? Let’s find out!

What’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media

In the dynamic world of social media in 2023, knowing the best time to post is crucial for maximizing engagement on social media. Sprout Social’s insights suggest that the best times of day to post vary depending on the social media channel. For instance, 3 pm is often recommended as a peak time for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For some, best day to post is Friday. However, it’s important to consider specific days and times for each platform. For example, the best days to post on Facebook might differ from the optimal days to post on LinkedIn or TikTok. To effectively use social media for marketing, it’s essential to schedule your post according to these nuances. Social media marketing strategy now involves a deep understanding of trends in social media, including the most successful time across most social platforms. Typically, posting time during business hours, especially from 1 pm to 3 pm, is seen as effective. However, this can vary; for instance, Fridays are often the best day to post on Instagram, with 3 pm being the best time to post on Instagram. Understanding these time frames and tailoring your social content accordingly can significantly impact your social strategy.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram, a major social network, has its unique dynamics when it comes to the best time to post. In 2023, social media marketers have observed that the best days to post on Instagram are typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the optimal time being around 3 pm. This timing aligns with the general social media usage patterns, where users are more likely to engage with content during the mid-afternoon. It’s important for social marketers to figure out the best time that aligns with their audience’s habits. Instagram is also the second most preferred platform for customer service after Facebook, making it crucial to post at times when engagement is highest. You should also post and view Instagram stories for benchmark.

best time to post on facebook

The trend suggests that the late afternoon, specifically from 3 pm to 9 pm, is a successful time across most social platforms, including Instagram. Knowing when to post, especially on a visually-driven platform like Instagram, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Facebook

Facebook, being a widely used social network, requires a strategic approach to determine the best time to post. In 2023, the trends in social media indicate that the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays, with the peak posting time being around 3 pm. This time frame is considered optimal as it falls within the working day, allowing businesses to catch users during their breaks or as they wind down their day. Social media posts made during these specific times are likely to get the most engagement.

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It’s important for social media marketers to know the best times and days to post on Facebook to ensure their content reaches the widest audience. Including Facebook in your social media marketing strategy means adapting to these time frames for maximum impact. The period from 1 pm to 3 pm is often cited as the most successful time across most social platforms, including Facebook. By aligning your posting schedule with these recommended times, you can enhance your social strategy and ensure your content resonates with your audience.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter (X)

When considering the best time to post on Twitter, it’s essential to understand the platform’s unique user behavior. According to Sprout Social, the best days to post on Twitter are typically midweek, with higher engagement observed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The optimal times for posting are often in the early afternoon, around 1 pm to 3 pm. This is because Twitter users tend to check in throughout the day, making it a platform where you can post anything at various times. 

best time to post on twitter

However, posting in the morning, especially around 9 a.m., can also be effective as it catches users starting their day. The key is to understand that Twitter’s fast-paced nature means that timing can be more flexible compared to other platforms. For short-form content, which Twitter excels in, these times can provide the highest times of engagement. You should just check Twitter throughout the day. 

What’s the Best Time to Post on YouTube

YouTube, being a platform focused on longer-form content, has different optimal posting times. The consensus among social media marketers is that Friday is the best day to post on YouTube, with the afternoon and evening hours being the most effective. Specifically, posting from 3 pm to 6 pm on Fridays can help your content gain immediate views, as this is when users are winding down their week and have more time to consume longer videos. 

best time to post on youtube

It’s recommended to post during these times to capture the audience’s attention when they are most likely to engage in leisurely activities. YouTube’s algorithm also favors recently uploaded content, so timing your posts right before peak viewing hours can be beneficial.

What’s the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as a professional-focused social platform, has distinct patterns in user engagement. LinkedIn engagement times are consistent with typical business hours, making it best to post during the workweek. The most recommended times are in the morning, around 8 am to 10 am, when professionals are starting their day. Posting anything related to professional development, industry news, or company updates during these hours can lead to higher engagement.

best time to post on linkedin

Additionally, midweek days, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are seen as the best days to post on LinkedIn. This is when users are most active on the platform, looking for industry insights and networking opportunities. It’s important to note that LinkedIn’s audience is looking for more substantial, informative content, so aligning your posts with these certain times can significantly impact their performance.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Pinterest

Pinterest, as a visual-centric social media platform, has unique engagement patterns. The best days and times to post on Pinterest vary, but generally, the platform sees higher activity during the weekends. Weekdays can also be effective, particularly in the evenings from 8 pm to 11 pm. This is when users often browse for inspiration and ideas, making it an ideal time for businesses to post content that aligns with their target audience’s interests. 

best time to post on pinterest

In 2022, it was observed that the engagement on Pinterest remains consistent throughout the week, but a peak in user activity is often seen on Fridays and Saturdays, especially in the late evening hours. For those who want to post content that resonates with Pinterest’s user base, focusing on these times can lead to increased visibility and engagement.

What’s the Best Time to Post on TikTok

TikTok, known for its short-form video content, has rapidly become a popular social media platform, especially among younger audiences. The best days to post on TikTok are typically seen as being during the weekday, with high engagement rates observed from Monday through Friday. The optimal times to post are often in the a.m, particularly between 6 am to 10 am, when users are starting their day. This timing takes advantage of the platform’s global audience, which can be active at various times due to different time zones.

best time to post on tiktok

In 2022, it was noted that TikTok’s user engagement patterns differed slightly from other platforms, with consistent activity seen throughout the day. However, for those who want to post when the majority of the target audience is active, focusing on the morning hours on weekdays can be particularly effective. Unlike Twitter, which sees engagement throughout the day, TikTok users tend to engage more during specific time windows, making it important to tailor your posting schedule accordingly.

What’s the Worst Day to Post?

Identifying the worst day to post on social media per platform can be as crucial as knowing the best times. Generally, weekends tend to be less favorable for most social media platforms, particularly for B2B communications. The reason is that social media usage typically drops as people engage in personal activities and spend less time online for professional or commercial purposes.

what is best time to post on social media in 2024

However, this can vary based on your target audience and the nature of your content. For instance, while Friday might be the best day to post on platforms like YouTube, it could be less effective for professional-focused platforms like LinkedIn, where engagement drops significantly over the weekend. Additionally, Twitter, known for its all-day activity, might still see a dip in engagement on weekends, especially for business-related content. It’s important to understand that social media is one of the most dynamic fields, and these trends can shift based on various factors including industry, audience demographics, and even global events.

How to Find The Best Time to Post on Different Social Media

Finding the best time to post on different social media platforms requires a combination of understanding general trends and analyzing your specific audience data. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Review Analytics: Most social media platforms provide analytics tools that show when your audience is most active. Use this data to identify patterns and peak engagement times.
  2. Understand Your Audience: Know the time zones and daily routines of your target audience. This will help you tailor your posting schedule to times when they are most likely to be online.
  3. Test and Learn: Experiment with posting at different times and days, then monitor the engagement levels. This trial-and-error method can reveal surprising insights specific to your audience.
  4. Stay Updated with Trends: Social media is an ever-evolving field. Stay informed about the latest trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, the rise of short-form video content on platforms like TikTok has altered the best posting times for maximum engagement.
  5. Use Scheduling Tools: Utilize social media scheduling tools to consistently post during the identified peak times. This ensures a steady presence even when you’re not online.
  6. Consider the Content Type: Different content types may perform better at different times. For example, educational content might do well during weekdays, while entertaining content could see higher engagement during evenings and weekends.